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TransnetBW GmbH publishes data relating to the International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC) on this page. It specifically concerns the IGCC report on fall-backs.


The IGCC was initiated as a regional project in October 2010 and involves various countries and transmission system operators throughout continental Europe, including all countries that are required to implement the Imbalance Netting Platform (IN Platform) pursuant to the Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL). A corresponding implementation project was initiated by ENTSO-E in 2016 with the aim of implementing the future European platform for the imbalance netting process pursuant to guideline EB GL Article 22.

Fall-backs pursuant to INIF, Article 7.2

The imbalance netting (IN) implementation framework requires that temporary interruptions of a TSO’s connection to the IGCC and IT system failures are published. Given that momentary interruptions may occur due to the complexity of the real-time process and the IT systems used, only incidents lasting longer than 5 minutes are published. The following incidents are published: interruption of a TSO’s connection, errors in the optimisation algorithm, scheduled maintenance of the IGCC platform and unscheduled maintenance of the IGCC platform. The data points can show the following statuses: preliminary, final or discarded.

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