A congestion at this border is managed by the German transmission system operators Amprion and TransnetBW together with Swissgrid.

Explicit allocation via JAO

Long-term and daily capacity allocation

This joint auction is coordinated by TransnetBW GmbH. The explicit yearly, monthly and daily auctions are run by the JAO (Joint Allocation Office).

The JAO was established as a result of the merger of the two regional auction offices for cross-border capacities, the CAO and CASC.EU. For auctions run by the JAO using the e-CAT allocation platform, rules as defined by the transmission system operators involved in the process and approved by the relevant regulatory bodies apply, which can be found on the JAO website.

Intraday capacity allocation

You can find the rules for intraday capacity allocation as well as a link to the internet platform here:

Notes regarding the internet platform

The free intraday capacities are shown in the public area of the website. Authorised participants can request a password for the protected area of the website in order to acquire available intraday capacities. Intraday capacity can be purchased in quarter-hour intervals, in megawatts with three digits after the decimal point.

Publication of intraday capacities between Germany and Switzerland

The table below shows transport capacity available for intraday trading and utilised transport capacity (values rounded to full megawatts for the table). In cases where intraday trading did not take place due to interruptions, the “intraday went ahead” column is marked with a dash for the relevant direction. You can find a monthly summary of the data under the “csv downloads” tab.

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