grid access and charges

Cost structure

Grid usage prices include costs for grid infrastructure, system services and coverage of transport losses. They consist of an annual output price and a work price, which depend on various factors.

Components of network access fees

Cost of network infrastructure

Provision and maintenance of power lines, switching stations, transformers and other transmission grid equipment (points of use ‘Extra high voltage network’ and ‘Transformation – EHV/HV’).

Cost of system services

Services pursuant to Section 5 of TransmissionCode 2007, which are necessary for transmission and distribution of electricity, and which ensure the safety and reliability of the power supply. These include primary control reserve and power, the provision of secondary control reserve and minute reserve, and operation of the transmission grid, including the point of use ‘Transformation – EHV/High voltage’.

Cost of covering transmission losses

The electrical losses that arise during transmission of electricity through the transmission grid.

Calculation of fees

The network access fees comprise an annual demand charge and a kilowatt hour rate. These depend on the annual period of utilisation, the network customer’s point of use and the optional use of other services. To see an explanation of the formula used to calculate fees, please visit the following link.

Please refer to the relevant price sheets for exact price information and a breakdown of invoices that are invoiced separately.