Security of supply

Die innovative Stromdrehscheibe im Herzen Europas

The innovative electricity hub in the heart of Europe.

Die TransnetBW GmbH betreibt das Strom-Übertragungs­netz in Baden-Württemberg. Mit diesem Transportnetz sichern wir die Stromversorgung in der Region, in Deutschland und in Europa.
TransnetBW GmbH operates the electricity transmission system in Baden-Württemberg. With this transmission grid we ensure security of supply in the region, in Germany and in Europe.

in Baden-Württemberg

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in Baden-Württemberg

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in Baden-Württemberg

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in Baden-Württemberg

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We are building the grid of the future

We are reinforcing our transmission grid and systematically expanding it to safeguard the success of the energy transition in Germany. To this end, we are involved in nationwide projects including SuedLink and ULTRANET. Open dialogue with citizens is the key to success and therefore a top priority for us.

Sustainability for people and the environment

We assume responsibility

As an internationally active transmission system operator, TransnetBW is safeguarding the energy supply beyond national borders. When it comes to our corporate and social responsibility, we like to reflect on the main strengths of our home region in south-west Germany – security and reliability.


World of Energy

How is TransnetBW bringing intelligence to the transmission grid? How much electricity does the sun provide in winter? What does the grid in Baden-Württemberg have to do with Berlin and Brussels? You will find more fascinating information in our "World of Energy".