grid access and charges


TransnetBW connects power plants with output greater than 100 MW in accordance with the Ordinance on the Connection of Power Plants to the Grid (KraftNAV) of 26 June 2007.

Are you interested in connecting a power plant to our transmission grid? The relevant documents are summarised below for your convenience.


Grid connection procedure

The following file describes the procedure (in accordance with KraftNAV) for allocating grid connection capacity to power plants.

Process model


Grid connection agreement

The following file contains the main provisions of a grid connection agreement and its appendices. The data to be supplied by the connectee can be found in the document " TAB für Kundenanlagen".


Enquiry from subscriber

The following file contains information on grid connection of power plants. Please send your request to the contact person at the right.


Minimum technical requirements

The setup, modification and operation of grid connections to the TransnetBW transmission grid are subject to relevant legislation, ordinances and generally accepted engineering practices. These connections are used by power plants, electricity distribution grids, plants and facilities of customers with a direct grid connection, interconnectors and direct lines to the grid. The most important of these regulations are listed in the ‘Minimum technical requirements for grid connections and access to the TransnetBW transmission grid’, which can be downloaded here.

Grid system diagram

The file below provides a schematic overview of the network. TransnetBW can provide a more detailed system diagram – including all circuits, switching stations, bus bars and substations – to any party with a legitimate interest, provided they first sign a confidentiality agreement. Please send a letter to the address given at the top right, describing why you have a legitimate interest. Please enclose the signed confidentiality agreement.