Planning Principles

The Principles for the Planning of the German Transmission Grid have been jointly documented by the German transmission system operators (TSOs) for the determination of needs-based and future-focused grid concepts for secure and efficient grid operations in the context of the national and European legal framework and the obligations with respect to the European interconnected system.

Planning principles of German TSOs

The TSOs first published the planning principles in 2012. This was a transparent and comprehensible presentation of the technical and economic principles of grid expansion planning, focusing on grid optimisation, grid reinforcement and grid expansion. With this transparency, the TSOs aim to increase acceptance of the grid expansion that will be necessary as part of the transformation of the German energy industry in particular.

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Planning principles of German TSOs

Since then, the framework conditions for network planning have changed in various respects. Firstly, further methodological development has taken place, based on a range of factors including the requirements for the development of the TSOs’ joint grid development plan, the framework conditions created by the European and national regulatory framework, and relevant regulations. Secondly, there was a need to reflect current technical and technological developments in the planning principles. The TSOs have therefore revised the common planning principles last published in July 2018.

The TSOs will continue to review the planning principles over the coming years and will adjust them as necessary.