loads levy

Interruptible loads, as defined in the Interruptible Loads Ordinance (AbLaV), are considered to be one or more plants that consume electrical energy (consumption units), where

  • electricity is drawn from the general grid or from a closed distribution network with a voltage of at least 110 kV, and
  • it is possible to reliably reduce consumption at the consumption unit by a defined amount at the request of the TSOs (interruptible capacity).

If they have undertaken in agreements with transmission system operators to provide services that meet the requirements of this Ordinance, suppliers of interruptible capacity from interruptible loads will receive remuneration for providing interruptible capacity during the agreed period (demand charge), and also for each request for interruptible capacity (kilowatt hour rate).

This Ordinance obliges TSOs to equalise their payments and expenditures by way of a financial settlement. The financial burden is equalised in accordance with the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG). For this purpose, the maximum levy rates for certain end consumer groups (privileges) are not applicable.

Important note

The interruptable Load Ordinance (AbLaV) largely expired on 1 july 2022 in accordance with Section 20 (2) AbLaV. The interruptable loads levy will no longer be charged in 2023.

AbLaV levy

0,003 ct/kWh

0,009 ct/kWh

0,007 ct/kWh

0.005 ct/kWh

0,011 ct/kWh

0,006 ct/kWh

Da zum Zeitpunkt der Umlagenveröffentlichung im Oktober 2015 keine gültige Verordnung vorlag, wurde für 2016 keine Umlage erhoben und veröffentlicht.

0,006 ct/kWh

0,009 ct/kWh