Reactive power

Background and procurement

In order to ensure the undisturbed flow of electricity in the grid, TransnetBW must ensure a constant voltage in its network. This requires, among other things, the use of reactive power. This reactive power is provided by network components such as coils (inductors) and capacitor banks (further information about reactive power in general and TransnetBW activities in particular is portrayed (only in German) here: STATCOM-Anlagen - Innovation - Porträt - Unternehmen - TransnetBW), and from third-party systems such as power plant generators, power converters or battery storage systems.

The Federal Network Agency has initiated a procedure under BK6-23-072 in order to establish rules and technical requirements for the future market procurement of reactive power. TransnetBW is actively supporting the process and will implement the corresponding procurement procedures once the new framework conditions have been finally set by the Federal Network Agency.


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