grid access and charges

Price sheets

TransnetBW calculates the network usage prices for access to its transmission system annually on the basis of legal requirements.l

As a transmission system operator, TransnetBW GmbH in Baden-Württemberg is responsible for the provision and needs-based devel-opment of the transport network as well as the integration of renewa-bles and existing power stations. The network usage fees are fees that power grid operators collect from users of their electricity supply net-works on the liberalised energy market. The final 2022 price sheet is now available for download.

Introduction of standardised national transmission system fees

In 2022, the fourth step in the introduction of nationwide network fees will take place on the basis of the Network Fee Modernisation Act (NEMoG), which came into force in July 2017. It provides for a gradual standardisation of transmission system fees over five years from 2019, so that the fees will be completely standardised from 2023.

In 2022, the nationwide share of network fees will be calculated from 80 percent of the respective cost base (revenue ceiling) of the transmis-sion system operators. From the remaining 20 percent, the individual company system fees of the transmission grid operators are determined.

Reference price sheet for identifying averted network charges

In accordance with Section 120 Paragraph 4 Clause 1 EnWG, network operators are required to publish their reference price sheet for identify-ing averted network charges pursuant to Section 18 Paragraph 2 StromNEV for decentralised feed-ins depending on the grid and trans-former level on their websites.

The reference price sheet for averted network fees is now available for download.