11. January 2012

Generation data from Austria – In total 40 reporting companies for the market area Germany/Austria – 94 % data coverage for Germany

Generation data from Austria – In total 40 reporting companies for the market area Germany/Austria – 94 % data coverage for Germany – 100 % data coverage for Austria – Publication requirements supplemented – IT security and performance improved further – Number of platform users has tripled
Berlin, Dortmund, Vienna, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Bayreuth, 11th January 2012 – In 2011, the “Transparency in Energy Markets” (http://www.transparency.eex.com) platform – the central publication location for energy market data, such as regarding the installed capacity, scheduled and unscheduled power plant outages and on the planned and actual generation of power – was further expanded and improved.
In the framework of the publication of statutory requirements, fundamental data regarding the generation of power in Austria has also been published since 22 July 2011. At the same time, the existing voluntary messages by Austrian power plant operators were expanded considerably. In addition to this, BASF and Volkswagen became the first industrial power plant operators to provide information in the statutory segment and PCK became the first industrial operator to provide information in the voluntary segment in addition.
The following table specifies the current number of reporting companies and the degree of coverage.

Market area
Total number of reporting companies
29 (2010: 24)
11 (2010: 2)
40 (2010:26)
Degree of coverage of statutory publication requirements
93,5% (2010:89%)
100,0 %
Degree of coverage for voluntary publications*
42,5 % (2010: 48 %)
71,1 %
45,5 %

  • The degree of coverage is calculated on the basis of the ratio between the power plant capacity reported on the platform and the total power plant capacity located in the respective control area in Germany/Austria.

The improvements made in 2011 concerned both technical aspects and content. In order to further increase the coverage and consistency and, as a result, the significance of the data the transmission system operators have made the following adjustments to the messages (even beyond the statutory publication requirements):
Since November 2011, the message regarding the installed generation capacities has also included facilities with less than 1 MW.
Because of the highly dynamic environment, the installed capacities for wind and solar energy will be updated on a quarterly basis from November 2011.
As regards technical aspects efforts were made to improve IT security and the performance of the platform in 2011 in order to further strengthen data protection and user-friendliness. The high number of hits testifies to the success of the transparency platform. On average, approximately 15,000 different visitors (2010: approx. 5,000) come to the platform to inform themselves every month. The comprehensive operations of the platform are ensured by three EEX employees.
“Transparency in Energy Markets” is the neutral platform for energy market data which fulfils the statutory publication requirements and implements voluntary commitments of the market participants. The transparency platform for generation and consumption data (http://www.transparency.eex.com) was established by EEX together with the four German transmission system operators - 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH, EnBW Transportnetze AG und TenneT TSO GmbH – and the Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid AG, which is also responsible for the reports by VKW-Netz AG. The platform is developed further and expanded in co-operation with the associations BDEW, Oesterreichs Energie, VKU, VIK and the Federal Network Agency. EEX is in charge of the operation of the platform, which comprises plausibility checking, anonymisation, aggregation and publication of the data reported, in addition to support for the reporting companies and users. Currently, 40 German and Austrian companies submit data to the platform.

Annett Urbaczka
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