04. June 2018

Rainer Joswig to leave Transnet BW in 2019

  • After 35 years in the energy sector and 20 years in transmission systems
  • Supervisory Board Chairman Dr Zimmer: “A proven expert in the electricity industry is leaving us”

Rainer Joswig, member of the TransnetBW Executive Board, will leave the company on 1 March 2019. “My current contract expires at that time, and I’ll be 61 years old. I can look back on 35 interesting and challenging years in the energy sector, the past 20 years in transmission systems. This is a good time for a change”, explained Joswig.

Joswig is responsible for plant operation, system management and regulation management at TransnetBW. He is also involved in several German and European committees representing the interests of transmission system operators. His main focus there is on the development of a new role model for transmission and distribution system operators.

His professional career began in 1984 at Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG (EVS), a predecessor of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. In 1999 he moved to the predecessor of TransnetBW, EnBW Transportnetze AG, and was appointed to the company’s Executive Board in 2006. Rainer Joswig has been a member of the TransnetBW Executive Board since 2012, when EnBW Transportnetze AG changed its name to TransnetBW GmbH.

“We regret his decision to leave, as it means that a proven expert in the electricity business will be leaving us”, said Dr Hans-Josef Zimmer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TransnetBW. Rainer Joswig has played a key role in the transformation of the energy sector: the liberalisation of the EU internal market, unbundling and major changes in grid operations. “He has accompanied this transformation with heart and soul, applying his insight and purposefully guiding his company through these challenging times. We offer him our sincere thanks for this.”

Alexander Schilling
Alexander SchillingSpokespersona.schilling@transnetbw.de+49 711 21858-3449