09. July 2019

Successful Go-live of Multiple NEMO Arrangements (MNA) in Central West Europe (CWE)

CWE Project Parties are pleased to inform, that the Go-live of Multiple NEMO Arrangements (MNA) in CWE bidding zones on 2 July 2019 (delivery day 3 July 2019) was successfully launched.

This Go-Live is the result of the cooperation of 18 parties (9 TSOs, 3 NEMOs and 6 third parties) during 2 years of work and more than 8 months of extensive testing.

By introducing MNA, the Single Day Ahead Coupling is accessible by more than one NEMO (Nominated Electricity Market Operator) per bidding zone. Therefore, the governance and processes within the CWE region were comprehensively adapted to be compliant with CACM. The general principles of capacity calculation and allocation are not affected by the introduction of MNA. As of today 2 July 2019, all NEMO’s order books are forwarded to the centralized market coupling algorithm of the Single Day Ahead Coupling. .

CWE is the first region in Europe to implement the MNA framework in compliance with CACM thereby fostering competition in the core markets of Europe and supporting the aim of a fully integrated European Energy Market.