10. August 2021

TransnetBW puts new solution for congestion management settlement into operation

TransnetBW GmbH and SOPTIM AG have successfully put a new solution for congestion management into production.

The transmission system operator is now using EMU (Engpass Management Unit) for the auditing and reporting of costs and revenues from the management of cross-border capacities.

The European transmission system operators need to make the transport capacities of their network available to every market participant on a non-discriminatory basis. This includes cross-border transport capacity, which is physically limited. Electricity traders who wish to transport electricity via the international interconnectors must acquire the necessary capacities – in explicit or implicit auctions.

TransnetBW maintains cross-border transport capacities to France, Switzerland and Austria. For this, the transmission system operator receives invoices and credits from the auction coordinator JAO (Joint Allocation Office). In future, the validation and release of the invoices will be taken over by the EMU application.

"By marketing the scarce transport capacities, the transmission system operators generate revenues that are distributed fairly and transparently," explains Hendrik Rein, Product Owner of the project at TransnetBW. "These revenues benefit the expansion of the transport networks."

Success factors
In addition to the precise mapping of the billing processes, the central factors for the success of the project were the flexibility and future-proofness of the solution. The calculation and distribution of revenues is based on complex rules that are constantly being developed. If calculation rules change, they can now be adapted in the system promptly and with little effort. In addition, the solution ensures transparency - the results can be traced at any time, users can analyse deviations and resolve them efficiently.

Agile methods strengthen cooperation
Another success factor was the agile approach in the project: "We relied on agile methods from the very beginning," Rein points out. "This allowed us to act as a joint development team at all times." Leaving the classic approach behind and dispensing with a detailed specification sheet also required trust and confidence and the short delivery cycle has reinforced this trust, he says. "In the role of product owner, I was able to influence the results over the entire project duration. In doing so, we maintained flexibility in the project so that we could react quickly and efficiently to new requirements," adds Rein.

Animal sponsorship for the emus Susi and Strolch
TransnetBW and SOPTIM took the opportunity of the solution go-live to adopt the pair of emus Susi and Strolch in Stuttgart's central zoo Wilhelma. "Emus are not only fast - they can also see and hear very well," comments Martin Pöppe, divisional manager at SOPTIM, "A nice parallel to our software, whose job it is to check settlements very precisely."