13. January 2015

TSCNET Services establishes dual leadership

The shareholders of the new services company for European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), TSCNET Services GmbH have appointed Siem Bruijns and Alexander Wirth as Managing Directors.

Siem Bruijns has been Senior Manager at TenneT TSO B.V. and TenneT TSO GmbH, the Dutch-German TSO and one of the 13 member TSOs of the TSO Security Cooperation (TSC), since 2007. He brings with him many years’ experience in power transmission system operations. Bruijns will start at TSCNET in Munich, Germany, in January 2015.

Alexander Wirth has already been engaged in the reorganisation of TSC and responsible for setting up the TSC TSOs – Joint Office in Munich in the recent years. Wirth has been Managing Director since the start-up of TSCNET.

TSCNET Services GmbH was registered on the 10th November 2014, one year after opening the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. Since 2013, experts dispatched from TSC member TSOs work in Munich day and night (24/7), providing tailor-made coordination services for operational planning, forecast data merging, congestion assessment and capacity calculation for the control centres of TSOs in continental Europe using the common IT platform CTDS.

“We are pleased to have acquired two dedicated and renowned experts for the management of our service provider,” said Pierre-Alain Graf, CEO of Swissgrid and Chairman of TSCNET Services Shareholders’ Meeting. “With our Munich team of experts under their leadership, we are ideally prepared for the operational challenges European TSOs encounter."


TSO Security Cooperation
The Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation (TSC) was launched in December 2008 as an initiative of equal partners, to foster regional European cooperation for system security with a de-centralised approach. Its member TSOs are 50Hertz (Germany), Amprion (Germany), APG (Austria), ČEPS (Czech Republic), ELES (Slovenia), Energinet.dk (Denmark), HOPS (Croatia), MAVIR (Hungary), PSE (Poland), Swissgrid (Switzerland), TenneT TSO (Germany), TenneT TSO (the Netherlands) and TransnetBW (Germany).
The TSOs have set up a permanent TSO Security Panel (group of security experts), new cooperation tools for control centres and a common IT platform CTDS for data exchange and to perform common n-1 security assessments. TSC’s Cooperation Board is responsible for strategy, budgeting and extending the cooperation, whereas the Operational Board has responsibility for the definition and monitoring of business processes and services including TSCNET Services.
TSC TSOs’ main goal is to further enhance operational cooperation amongst TSOs to ensure the overall system security in the European electricity grid remains at a high level.

TSCNET Services GmbH
The company based in Munich, Germany, is a joint venture of TSC member TSOs. Each of the ten TSOs from Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland holds an equal share and interest in the company. The other TSC TSOs are expected to join as shareholders in 2015.
The company’s management reports to the Supervisory Board (chaired by Mel Kroon, CEO of TenneT Holding B.V.) and to the Shareholders’ Meeting (chaired by Pierre-Alain Graf, CEO of Swissgrid).
TSCNET Services uses and administers the TSC TSOs - Joint Office, a modern, fully equipped premises in Munich in which to work and meet, offering excellent conditions for conferences, trainings and meetings for the TSC TSOs and TSC bodies.

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