DENA pilot study

How the energy transition will succeed

DENA pilot study: How the energy transition will succeed

The Integrated Energy Transition Study presented by the German Energy Agency (dena) investigates the influence of the electricity, buildings, transport and industry sectors and their mutual interactions and dependencies in order to derive an overall strategy across all sectors. Scientific reviewers, companies and business associations from all sectors relevant to the energy transition work together to identify ways of transforming the energy system.

The study is divided into four modules: Energy Generation and Distribution, Buildings, Industry and Mobility. The modules are accompanied and co-designed by industry partners from the respective sectors. This guarantees a detailed technical analysis with a high degree of practical relevance and makes it possible to identify meaningful solutions for effectively bringing together the various sectors.

Our CEO Dr Werner Götz underlines the benefits of the dena study, saying: "Today we are laying the groundwork for the success of the energy transition. The study helps to raise our awareness of the future demands of the energy system, such as ongoing electrification."

As a transmission system operator, we are thinking about the future infrastructure of energy transmission while also attaching great importance to system security and economic efficiency. We seek to effectively link local and regional optimization with supraregional compensation and international trade.


How does TransnetBW use innovations to contribute to the energy supply of tomorrow? How do we meet demand for a more flexible, high-performing grid for the energy transition? By carrying out pilot and model projects as well as developing new technologies and processes in order to work towards a reliable energy supply in the future. 

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