11. May 2015

Agreement on coordinated redispatch measures between France and Germany

Since 1st January 2015 an agreement on “coordinated cross-border redispatch measures “ to ensure firmness of exchange programs and to manage the system security of the transmission system has been in force between RTE, TransnetBW and Amprion.
In addition to non-costly topological measures, especially coordinated cross border redispatch measures can now be activated in a fully coordinated manner. Such redispatch measures consist of shifting the production of power generation plants in order to alleviate constraints.
The core element is supporting an alignment of the redispatch markets resp. suppliers in France and Germany. In more detailed terms, the contract defines common activation triggers for remedial actions and contains commitments on technical procedures and on cost sharing principles.
The latter principles encompass the following convention: For grid constraints on cross-border lines the involved TSOs share the costs equally, for all other grid constraints, the TSO requesting the costly remedial action bears the costs (so called “requester principle”).
By improving the firmness of scheduled energy exchanges and enhancing the overall system security, the agreed coordinated measures secure the coupling of the French and German electricity markets and are a further important step for the European market integration.
Since no extreme conditions have occurred in the relevant area between France and Germany during January to April 2015, no costly remedial actions had to be carried out. Nevertheless, the arrangement will support the TSOs in effectively managing future situations where the electricity system is exposed to critical situations.
The involved TSOs expect the new co-operation arrangement to further strengthen the existing cooperation and coordination initiatives between France, Germany and other countries in the region and beyond. There is confidence that further to these operational benefits the initiative will also strengthen the regulatory environment by supporting effective future decision making both on a regional and pan-European level.


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