23. October 2019

Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC) is prepared for potential consequences of Brexit on implicit day-ahead market coupling

Given the uncertainty around Brexit, NEMOs and TSOs have agreed to a solution for the scenario where the United Kingdom leaves the EU without a deal. The solution foresees the removal of the GB bidding zone and lines connected to it from SDAC.

The Single Electricity Market (SEM), which encompasses the island of Ireland, would remain within the implicit day-ahead market coupling with the SEM bidding zone operated in an isolated mode. This solution has been successfully tested during September.

SDAC allocates scarce cross-border transmission capacity in the most efficient way by coupling wholesale electricity markets from different regions through a common algorithm, simultaneously taking into account cross-border transmission constraints, thereby maximising social welfare.

The aim of SDAC is to create a single pan European cross zonal day-ahead electricity market. An integrated day-ahead market increases the overall efficiency of trading by promoting effective competition, increasing liquidity and enabling a more efficient utilisation of generation resources across Europe.

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