17. January 2011

The NorNed cable successfully joins the interregional market coupling between Central-Western-Europe and the Nordic countries.

The project partners of Central West European (CWE1) and the Nordic countries2 are pleased to announce that the next significant step towards the integration of the European electricity market has been taken.
The integration of the NorNed cable since January 12th has been successfully achieved within the interregional market coupling between France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany (Central-West region) on one side, and Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Denmark on the other. The inclusion of the NorNed with the undersea DC-link between Norway and the Netherlands is the final milestone of the Interim Tight Volume Coupling (ITVC) between the two regional markets.
The CWE price coupling and the ITVC solution have successfully started on 9th November 2010, connecting the existing volume coupling between Germany and the Nordic market with the new price coupling initiative in the Central-Western region. The two projects integrate a day-ahead market of more than 1,800 Terawatt hours of power production and cover approximately 60% of electricity consumption in Europe. The market coupling projects will be a significant contributor to a more efficient European power market to the benefit of all European citizens.
With ambitious work, enormous efforts and the close cooperation between the 17 involved partners, the ITVC market coupling has now been fully completed. The Transmission System Operators and Power Exchanges will continue their work towards a future pan-European price coupling.
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Alexander Schilling
Alexander SchillingSpokespersona.schilling@transnetbw.de+49 711 21858-3449