Goals for sustainability

Our key areas of action are at the centre of our strategic sustainability goals. We will consistently pursue these goals until 2025.

Goal 1

Reduce climate impact

We are aware of our impact on the climate, and we’re working to reduce it. We’re therefore recording our greenhouse gas emissions and drawing up a reduction plan. We are pursuing ambitious goals with regard to the emissions we can influence directly (Scope 1 and 2) and are identifying relevant potentials for reduction in the case of indirect emissions (Scope 3).

Our climate strategy

With our climate strategy, we are setting ambitious climate goals for 2035 and 2045 and are taking comprehensive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We have developed our climate targets based on past, current and expected future greenhouse gas emissions.

TransnetBW will achieve climate neutrality in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: In 2035, TransnetBW will be carbon neutral in scope 1 and 2.
  • Step 2: In 2045, TransnetBW will be carbon neutral in Scope 3.

These targets were identified and set using the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) approach. They are therefore science-based and in line with the 1.5-degree Celsius climate target of the Paris Agreement. The base year is 2021.

Scope 1 emissions: 

Company facilities, vehicle fleet

Scope 2 emissions:

Grid losses and own electricity generation

Sope 3 emissions: 

Upstream and downstream emissions along the supply chain

Path to achieving our goals

At over 98 percent, the largest share of Transnet BW's CO2 emissions is caused by grid losses during electricity transmission. This is also where the greatest strategic leverage to reduce emissions lies. 

Transnet BW's aim is to actively drive forward the decarbonisation of the energy industry. We are committed to ensuring that politicians and regulators also create the conditions to jointly achieve the climate targets in accordance with the 1.5-degree path of the Paris Agreement.

We are also focusing on our other strategic levers, which we are actively tackling. We are focusing on measures that have a high potential to reduce emissions or an important signal effect for TransnetBW in the following areas:

  • Gas-insulated switch systems - we are optimising the early detection of potential leaks and driving the development of alternative technologies.
  • Construction-related activities and procurement - we are integrating sustainable requirements into procurement, project planning and waste management.
  • Mobility – making alternative modes of transport more attractive and electrifying our own vehicle fleet.

We are constantly working to improve the availability and quality of our data to enable us to monitor our progress towards our goals.

Goal 2

Use natural resources sparingly

We are focusing rigorously on efficient use, responsible handling and reduced consumption of natural resources, and wherever we can, we are applying the principle of the circular economy.

More on this in our sustainability report

Goal 3

Sustainably transform the energy system

We are continuing to expand our leading role in the operation of innovative infrastructure within the European transmission grid and using our expertise to actively shape the sustainable transformation of the energy system. We are focusing on strong relationships in order to work together to develop new solutions and fields of business.

Goal 4

Focus on people

We actively encourage an organisation and a corporate culture that value diversity, in which inclusiveness and equal opportunities are applied in practice. It puts people and their physical and mental well-being first.

Goal 5

Strengthen future-oriented competences

To us, doing business sustainably, being able to adapt and innovate, and practising networked thinking are key future-oriented skills. We therefore systematically align our employee upskilling and knowledge transfers relating to methods and professional knowledge with this understanding.